Galungan and Kuningan Day

Galungan and Kuningan Day is the Hindu red-letter day commemorative by Balinese Hindu every six-month (210days). Hindu people especially in Bali very enthusiastic welcome their holidays because on this day they do the pray as Balinese Hindu worshiping to the infinite (Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa) supremacy as this world creator. This matter is seen very striking when we enter the Balinese life where one month before the day of Galungnan and Kuningan they have prepared all the materials concerning the religion activities and life. Before the day of Galungan and Kuningan, Hindu people in Bali are looked to be very busy to prepare the religious ceremony appliance.

Galungan Day, which falls on Wednesday (Buda), 21 May 2014 is a joyful day to celebrate the victory of goodness (dharma) against evil (adharma). On this day, offerings and praying are made to God and holy ancestral spirits who come down to earth. People who live in the city usually go to their hometown to visit their family and the elders.

One day after Galungan Day (Manis Galungan), which falls on Thursday (Wrespati), 22 May 2014 is the celebration day, the day to enjoy the blessings. The offerings are taken outfrom the shrines and the people may enjoy the offerings of fruits and cakes. It is also the day to visit family, relatives or friends, to apologize for anything that may went wrong as well as to forgive others’ mistakes.

Kuningan, which falls on Saturday (Saniscara), 31 May 2014 is the day when Gods and Goddesses accompanied by the holy ancestral spirits (pitara) come down to earth again to bless the people and the universe. It is believed that they will return to heaven in the midday. On this day, Balinese people do self-introspection by doing a meditation for human's prosperity. Segehan Agung (big offering) is put on the house yard and offerings for the family members are also served

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